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Pure Blooded Pinoy Self-Defence

Brief History

TRACMA was a Filipino self-made Consolidated Martial Arts. The styles as good as techniques of which was founded by a usually as nonetheless Filipino Fourteen (14 )
degree Red Belt Master Trovador R. Ramos Sr.
who was internationally critical as good as acclaimed
Master Trovador successfully was means to reinstate a value of a filipinos
through intolerable endurance, self- discipline, sacrifices as good as willfull integrity which can proportion as good as mount out over a universe critical Martial Arts experts in conditions of skills, talents as good as ability.
He believed which there was regularly a room for alleviation as good as endeavoured to rise his self-defense knowledge, which he hereditary from his grandfather’ s clan, whom were all exponents of sports in their budding days. he painstakingly analyzed, evaluated as good as mutated any transformation as good as step to give it a some-more rewarding outcome in a inflictions as good as defense.
A foretaste of his efforts was satisfied in his hometown during San Antonio,Zambales wherein his initial gym was stablished. Martial Arts fan from all over a fourteen towns of Zambales,overwhelmingly surged to his gym to clarity a art as good as enroll as student/members. The art widespread similar to a furious fire. Thus,he was endorsed as good as privately was asked to learn TRACMA during a near-by-bases.
Master Trovador was hired as a Chief Instructor Of Martial Arts during a US Naval Base namely in San Miguel Navy Radio Station as good as in Subic Bay in 1961,together with a US Naval Security Department-Uniform Guard Chief Capt. Andy Cascante, being allocated by Master Trovador as a Administrator of TRACMA, the Olongapo gym was organized. It was followed by an additional a single in Pampanga,then in Tarlac, then in Pangasinan as good as approach up to Baguio City. All of any gym upon opposite places had an reserved lerned as good as competent instructors by a letter of reference of Capt.Cascante. And this is where as good as how a Master/Founder came to know a Administrator, who additionally became his good friend.
The determined gyms as good as it’s members were declared "D’Invincibles" ,because of a target to sight usually upon gaining friends as good as did ways with enmity. It had fit a organisation for logically observant "One knows not of better when he has an enemy". Thus, Master Trovador had a eventuality to have privately met multiform universe reknown Martial Arts Experts,such as Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido as good as most pick self-defense groups in a Base, whom all warranted their arrange as good as leather leather belt from opposite unfamiliar countries. To their surprise, they merely incited dull-rats as good as indolent when faced as good as attempted by usually tyro beginners of Master Trovador. And since of this, frequent call in was lengthened to him to harangue as good as denote upon house ships as a Civilian US Navy Martial Arts Instructor upon a Temporary Additional Duty. This had finished him saw multiform places in a universe possible. And a most visit subject asked to him was upon what/which book or where his art was acquired. With a piety as good as with a smile, he explained which such forms could not as nonetheless be found upon any bookfor it was privately grown as good as combined by him.
Mr.Teddy Halper,the 1956 World Champion Of International Real Combat, in his genius as conduct of a World Reasearch upon Martial Arts as good as Education as good as World Authority Consultant upon Real Combat complicated TRACMA’s art. After consummate as good as clever analysis of a Filipino Martial Art Instructor’s knowledge,agility, skills, technique s as good as ability, he afterwards awarded as good as vested him a pretension which all of Mr.Halper’s staff concurring, the "fourteen ( fourteen ) Degree Redbelt Master".
He motionless to ratified a key of his self-made Consolidated Martial Arts for central approval after returning from his avocation upon TAD order(Temporary Additional Duty).Authoring it’s operation, he orderly a non-stock house as good as called it a "international Real Combat Judo-Karate Organization" underneath Sec No.36882 upon Nov.25,1968. He afterwards gave being born a approval of Filipino Martial Arts’in a country.
The Philippine Karate Association (PKA)was additionally shaped in 1970 as good as meditative which Master Trovador’s classification was additionally a karate group, they listed it as a partial of of a shaped PKA subjecting it underneath their leadership, laws as good as regulations. Master Trovador afterwards vehemently with tact as good as piety objected as good as appealed to a PKA Secretary Atty.Jesus P.Arino.Sr.
1.That his founded Martial Arts was a self-made character as good as technique. Not Copied from any unfamiliar Martial Arts. It’s patently really opposite in most ways from which of Karate which was an art form which originated as good as introduced by a unfamiliar country.
2.That a self-made art of a Founder was already determined as good as had proven leverage as good as effeciency in multiform tools of a universe where it has been accepted, acknowledged, respected as good as adopted as a Filipino Martial Art,and which it has already a single hundred ninety 7 (197) branches which had been orderly outward of a Philippines.
3.That to accept mastery and/or membership underneath Karate, a Foreign Martial Arts in a Philippines, is a ashamed as good as discrimination to a Filipinos as good as to a Republic of a Philippines. It could additionally reduce a Filipino Master/Founder who already had sacrificed intolerable time as good as efforts in his founded art’s upliftment which compulsory not usually confirmation as good as respect, but additionally approval upon it’s leverage as good as efficiency upon tip of most pick Martial Arts.
4.That it’s name available in a Security as good as Exchange Commission was since to uncover due apply oneself to a universe classification of Mr.Teddy Halper, who awarded Master Trovador his benefaction pretension as good as degree. It did not meant which it was a partial of a Karate Association. Karate was merely a small partial of a Filipino Consolidated Martial Arts as good as should not therefore, and in any clarity of justice, tumble underneath or to subordinate it to any unfamiliar Martial Arts.
Then Master Trovador in a future motionless as good as resolved a difficulty by renaming it as "TRACMA".It did not lift a prior listed members underneath a non-stock classification as good as additionally essentially avoided all who were forsaken out for non-participation as good as viewable disinterest to a organization as good as those who did not kept in hold with a Founder for a final 6 (6) or some-more years.
TRACMA Promotions was afterwards formed. it was authorized by a Bureau of Domestic Trade of a Philippine Under B.D.T.Cert.of Registration No.0141/77 as good as a B.D.T.Provincial Cert.No.P.76/ 13772 was released to go upon it’s operations legally.
TRACMA was anTherefore acronym for Trovador Ramos Consolidated Martial Arts. Therefore, a proper, wise as good as wise to know some-more of a Filipino Founder in sequence to wholly daydream a analysis of it’s stress as good as entirely.
The Founder was serve a veteran musician. And after withdrawal his US Navy Civilian pursuit as Chief Instructor, he trafficked with his brothers, who were additionally all musicians, with an target to consequence as good as aspire to a tellurian recognizance of his founded Martial Arts. He determined gyms in all a places he went up to. Slowly, but with wilfull determinations, a Founder courageously hurdled as good as surpassed all of a large opposition rancour as good as contingency triumphantly. His respectful as good as accessible approached had paid off effectively. All those who against as good as confronted him, one after a other, accepted their better as good as fell upon to his aide. His protected as good as helpful process was unequivocally shown as good as a seductiveness for their behalves was proven by tangible efficiency of Master Trovador’s art. And with this, he gained their apply oneself as good as confirmation for his art’s Mastership supremacy. They vowed down to him as good as submitted themselves underneath his tutorship as good as proudly adopted TRACMA as their preference of Martial Arts.
HongKong was not opposite to all these places in a Fareast which a Master/Founder had been to. In fact,it was where he met so most hurdles which gave him a limelight mangle to popularity. HongKong was not usually an open port, but was additionally a tawny melting mark for decrease which invigoratingly invited a universe remarkable Martial Arts Expert to intersect as good as domicile.
With a waves in preference of a Master/Founder as good as maybe with lady-luck upon his side, he unmolestedly proven a strength of his accessible as good as respectful approaches. He showed with palliate a leverage of his founded art to whomever confronted him. This had increased his luminary as good as his name became an summary as good as by word of so most Martial Arts Experts who have attempted as good as supposed his Mastership.
Then a single afternoon, the late universe critical film movement star, Mr.Bruce Lee, whom in genuine hold up was an acclaimed International Martial Arts expert
uninvited, visited Master Trovador.With clear curiousity as good as viewable vigilant to try a quick taking flight Filipino Martial Arts Master, the chinese movement star challenged Master Trovador really tactfully. And upon stratagem of a diversion Mr.Lee wished to comfortable up and invited any a single in a gym to try as good as quarrel with him. Mr.Lee, being an general figure as good as celebrity, aside from being a Chinese Martial Art Idol, is a really reputable man, thus, no a single dared to accept a challenge. And with large zealous fans in serve to so most media men, camera group as good as film personalities whom were regularly following him, so most people witnessed which event. The Filipino Master had no pick though to abet to strengthen a status as good as picture of his founded art for his gym’s respectability, for his member’s moral, for a honor of a Filipinos as a total as good as for honor to his country, the Republic of a Philippines.
Together with all those people around him as good as those who believed as good as upheld in his invincibility, Mr.Lee’s glorious fighting speed, knowledge as good as lively had finished him over confident. Master Trovador, on a pick hand, had which equaled timing, guilful defenses as good as counters which kept him unruffled by tellurian opinion. Both proposed with good confidence as good as it was essentially a assembly whom visibly showed worriness than fad of a sparring’s result.
The Filipino Master’s energetic sportmanship as good as professionalism however, prevented a would be most embarassing upon all sides as good as unmendabledisgraced of a critical Chinese Action Movie Star. Instead of conquering Mr.Lee, which patently could have been simply done, Master Trovador held a Chinese Actor’s tumble twice as good as with out an try to inflict a blow. He vowed to weigh his enterprise to put an finish in a meaningless ring in knowledge in a Martial Arts Master generally in an central competition fighting.
Master Trovador delightfully vacant all with his systematic as good as undiluted timing, thwarting with box as good as beauty of Mr.Lee’s all out efforts of conflict with lightning speed as good as lively which resulted in vainglory.
He could have won as good as finished it with all a fact in a book, but he would only be formulating an unfavorable feeling between a Chinese supporters or maybe eighty percent (80%)of a HongKong Chinese race who desired as good as treasured Mr.Lee. He afterwards signalled a Chinese Action Movie Star to stop a quarrel as good as was gladly acknowledge. In lapse out of gratitude, Mr. Lee loudly voiced which his categorical purpose during a gym was not to plea Master Trovador nor sar with him though to suggest him a good purpose as good as be a partial of his onward entrance film entitled "Enter The Dragon".
They perceived howling applauses as good as both became good friends. however, a suggest was after incited down tactfully in a seductiveness of preserving Filipino Prestige, ego as good as principles. Neverthe less, Mr.Lee requested to Master Trovador to learn him a small routines to have use of in an additional film productions to be filmed wholly in Italy, which was entitled "The stroke Man",named after Master Trovador’s undiluted stroke as good as timing. He was afterwards critical as Bruce Lee’s
coach. Unfortunately ,the Chinese critical Action Star’s black genocide cracked a fulfillment of a pronounced film.
Amazingly, an American Producer of Pan Middle East Movie Production was a single of those who witnessed a ring of a dual Martial Arts Experts as good as offering Master Trovador a directorial movement pursuit in his company. It was a resplendent oppurtunity to once some-more serve a enlargement of a Filipino Martial Arts,inspite of a monitorial meagerness,compared to which of Bruce Lee’s suggest which he incited down politely, the Founder straightforwardly supposed a offer.
He went with a association to so most places in a world, directing movement portions as good as additionally behaving when giving an critical as good as good purpose to play.This serve finished probable a investiture of TRACMA’s gyms in so most places in a world. And finished TRACMA a fable etched a low in story never to be obliterated which members renowned it with honour as good as honor, worth of a tip peculiarity to preserve.
Master Trovador returned behind as good discriminating film star as good as was offering to do so multiform chinese movement cinema upon which a small where box bureau jot down grosser in Japan, Australia as good as multiform place in a world. Then a Filipino writer of a sure film outfit met Master Trovador in Hongkong as good as offering him to have a film in a Philippines. "The Redbelt Master" which warranted him for a initial time, acceptance as good as knowledge in a film universe of his own nation after operative during most unfamiliar movies.And an additional suggest came in promptly."Sandugo" ,which was a tip grosser. Then it was followed by a "Big Fist" which finished him stay in a Philippines a small longer.
In await to a Presidential Decree No.604 in 1975 during this juncture, the Inc’s Nation Wide Development of Sports as good as Physical Fitness Program motionless afterwards which TRACMA art be nationally adopted. It was not since a Master/Founder was a brethren of good station though due to it’s tall grade of preference in it’s growth module as good as romantic patriotic support.
Aware of a officers significance, Master Trovador happily supposed as good as regarded it as an additional plea either he could once some-more mount out in conditions of care dynamism. To discern a resounding success,he stayed in a nation for a integrate of years to oversea a investiture of TRACMA schools as good as national precision for a seductiveness of his nation as good as associate filipinos.
After a while, Master Trovador a single after another his career in a song universe as a Musical Director in Hong Kong. Aside from his tall profitable pursuit in a song industry, he still a single after another precision TRACMA. And because of his mass in a art, countless people of a brand new collection purebred to him as a tyro of TRACMA.
Being a single of a colonize brethren of a INC in Hongkong, Master Trovador assisted upon substantiating a locality in a nation as good as rally ceremony services. He actively participated in a Kowloon Locale being a single of a military officer as good as even apropos a Head Deacon.
Then Master Trovador met Mr.Roger Boschman, an INC member, who is additionally an exponent as good as an fervent partner of Martial Arts. The dual became good friends. Mr.Boschman in a future complicated as good as schooled TRACMA. With good tall courtesy as good as tall courtesy to TRACMA’s art as good as generally to a Master/Founder, Mr.Boschman, together with Master/Founder Trovador as good as Administrator Capt.Cascante, concluded as good as got together as good as pursued a revitalization of TRACMA.Thus, upon Apr 24,1988 TRACMA World Wide
FEDERATION as purebred in Hong Kong with Master Trovador Ramos Sr. as a Founder/President as good as suggested conduct as good as Mr.Roger Boschman as a Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.However, Capt.Andy Cascante was still a International Consultant/Adviser as good as managed TRACMA PROMOTIONS in a Philippines nation-wide, it was after upon re-registered as Philippines TRACMA World Wide.
In 1988,Mater Trovador’s dual youngest young kids came to HongKong to study.The eventuality which his young kids were there enabled him to ascent a precision of TRACMA to them. His youngest son Trovador A.Ramos Jr. or James as they call him as good as his youngest daughter Lyrabelle A.Ramos or simply Lyra to them,learned
fast as good as well. Thus, when both acquired Black Belt, they were officiated by Mater Trovador as instructors. Although Lyra strong upon a turn of administrative, James upon a pick palm actively learned a TRACMA students as good as pursued upon to a aloft leather leather belt as good as warranted a pretension of 8th Degree Black Belt.
Then in 1992,Cathay Pacific Airlines,an internationallly acclaimed blurb airline association in HongKong,contracted TRACMA to learn Consolidated Martial Arts Techniques to all it’s Pilots, Flight Attendants as good as Management Team.The precision as good as precision took place in a gym of a Cathay Pacific Building nearby a Kai Tak (old) Airport.With a personal organization of Master Trovador, this understanding was finished as good as administered by James as good as Lyra. Aside from their unchanging precision of forms, they grown a Cathay employees alertness/readiness as good as quick instrumentation to consequential incident in line of avocation as good as had supposing Special anti-hijacking Training Course.